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Add an "Add to list" option directly on an account's page


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Seems like the only way to add an account to a list is by going to the Accounts list and click on the 3 dots? Would be nice to be able to add them from their actual account page. Maybe in the drop down menu? (see attached) ...or am I missing something?

Screen Shot 2021 06 18 at [June 18]4.38 PM


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Sorry for the misunderstanding, I see what you mean now. I agree that we should offer the same options in both of those drop-down menus. I can't say why they don't offer that on the actual account screen, but I'll be sure to bring this back to the team. 

I can't say this will be implemented anytime soon, but I'll make sure that the team is aware of this. Thanks again for clearing that up and providing us with this feedback! 


Hey Doug, currently the only way to add an account to an existing list is to use the import list function. I understand this isn't ideal, and it's definitely a priority for us to improve this workflow in the future. 

I think your idea of having that option in the drop-down menu is great and can go a long way to making it easier to use. I'll be bringing this feedback back to the team. 

Let us know about other ideas you have on how we can make this a better process for you! 

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Actually you can add individual accounts to a list from the Accounts list page (by pressing the three dots) but NOT from an individual Account page (by pressing the three dots). See attached screenshot... I wonder why you'd be able to do it in one place but not the other? Seems like it would be most helpful if those two dropdowns both had all the options you might need.

Screenshot 20210621 225046
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Sure thing Adam, in the meantime we just need to remember that one place where the option lives!

While you're asking it might be cool to add a checkbox next to each account so you could add a bunch to a list at once.

Thanks again 🌞

Happy to help with this, and I totally understand where your coming from! I know the team is looking into ways to make this a smoother workflow, and your suggestion of checkboxes could definitely help with that.

Keep the feedback coming!