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Reputation Management Add CarGurus & CarFax to Review Sources




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I'd like to see CarGurus and CarFax added to the list of available sources to pull in reviews through Reputation Management.

Both platforms have an API available.

@clittle927 both of these could be good sources. Responded to your other post about CarGurus but I'll note that here, too. I'll have the team take a look to see what's involved to get them added as sources. When I know more I will return with a more concrete response. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing these available in the near future!

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Any update on this?

@clittle927 they've both been added to our short list and I have prioritized them. No definite timing yet but we are developing a process to get new review sources added more quickly. Definitely would like to get both of these added soon!

Great news, thanks for the update!