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Customer Voice AI suggestions to customers leaving a review


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You know how Reputation Management has 3 buttons to click to start a relevant reply to a review?

I want a similar AI prompt for customers staring at a blank feedback box.

I'm imagining that Customer Voice would have a setting for this, such as which keywords you want included in customers' reviews, whether that be "customer service" or "best concrete contractor" or "my salesperson was ___" (indicating they should fill in that prompt)

I believe this would add value to Customer Voice as a way to request online reviews through it instead of just using Google itself.

Additionally, it should help customers leave more thoughtful reviews with higher word count - maybe even adding in auto-complete suggestions, like Gmail's phrase completion or to have the 3 button prompts change (live analysis of what's written) to enhance/lengthen the customer's feedback. For example, they wrote "John's service was great but we did have some challenges along the way," and the AI would suggest something like "Even so, all my issues were resolved in a professional manner" or "I confidently recommend this business to others needing to diagnose a complex plumbing issue." 

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Hi, Thank you for your wonderful suggestion. Thinking more about this, this can only be applied to reviews left on a businesses listings and not external websites like google as they might flag all of them as spam due to having the same language. We will further evaluate internally and let you know of any updates.

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They won't be flagged as SPAM if they're unique, which they would be. Maybe the AI doesn't actually write it for them (perhaps that's in some Terms of Service somewhere) but at least a prompt, like different bullet point reminders for them.

For example, it might bring these to mind for the reviewer staring into a blank text box:

  • Why you picked us instead of others
  • Mention someone you enjoyed speaking with at our organization and why
  • How you think hiring us will benefit you long-term
  • Your favorite feature from our completed work
  • The type of person you think would be the right fit to recommend us to for future work


I would like to see the above as writing prompts at the very least - for any and all businesses, just as the default - but with them being customizable so we can add/remove our own bullet points - and maybe the computer only displays 1-3 bullets per review so they are on rotation.