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Business App Contact Support Link for Partner Clients


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In the Business App, there needs to be an option for partners to add a "Contact Support" link / email for us to help our clients with tech issues. Currently, clients use the sales contact link in the lower left corner of the Business App for this purpose. I want to be able to use a separate inbound email for support issues so I can track support tickets and direct requests to other people in case I am not able to respond.

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Thanks for the insight Malcolm. I've noted this feature idea to discuss for adding to our roadmap for Business App.

Hey Josh, are there any estimated timelines for this feature?

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Thanks Josh.


It would be nice if this could connect to the crm as well so that we can make sure we resolve support issues in a timely manner.


Agreed. I use a support desk like Zendesk and want to direct support requests to a specific email address that raises a ticket.