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Task Manager Calendar view in Task Manager


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I would love to see a Calendar view in Task Manager so I have the ability to oversee tasks by date, especially when planning my months

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Hey @cmcgrath, we are currently collecting user feedback on how our users think a calendar view would work in Task Manager. From what we’ve heard so far, a Calendar view in Task Manager would be very useful not only to track one’s daily work, but also to track meetings booked through Zoom or Google Meet. We would love to hear from our Community on what problems they think we can solve with a calendar view in Task Manager.


I think a calendar view would also be a fantastic addition to Task Manager. For managing my own tasks, I would love that birds eye view of seeing what’s coming due in the weeks ahead.

I would also love to hear how what everyone would think of a task calendar view!


on a related topic, is there Any chance that we could get a feed from Task Manager so that we could subscribe to it in our preferred external calendar like Google calendar? It would be great to see our tasks displayed in other places that we regularly check...