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Marketplace Client Name Integration into Bank Charge Description


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One thing that has become a little time consuming is matching up Vendasta charges to clients in my quickbooks. As I am growing, I receive more and more charges for the wholesale products but the charge simply says "Vendasta".

Typically, I am logging back into Vendasta, checking the billing, and matching up the charge to the charge in quickbooks in order to assign the charge to specific clients. (This is how I track my profit/loss per client).

Bank descriptions load into quickbooks and if the description read "Vendasta-{Client Name}" it would shorten the process of my accounting.

Just thought I would suggest that. Love the platform.

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I love your suggestion.


Thanks a lot for this feedback, @Neil Krebs - I'll be sure to let the rest of the billing team know about this. It certainly sounds like it would be a really helpful feature to implement to help make organizing charges in Quickbooks easier for our partners.

By the way, either one of you can always feel free to email me directly at if you're ever wanting to chat about potential improvements that can be made to our billing and invoicing system - my door is always open, so to speak!

I hope you both have a nice day, @Neil Krebs and @Darrell Place !

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Thanks @nicholas . Love the platform and the awesome team, ya'll keep up the great work.


We have a fantastic team here at Vendasta! Thanks for the kind words.