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Business App Content Management in business app


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Hey Team, have we considered allowing SMBs to be able to upload files into the Business App?

Or a seamless way to manage content/digital assets between Partner and SMB?

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This would be awesome! It would be great to have the ability for a client to upload their logos and images so it's always right there for us to grab. When we go in to make their social posts, having the ability to go grab photos directly from the app that the client has uploaded would save a lot of time and be a very smooth experience for our clients and team.


I am following this. We need this.


Thanks for the suggestion! This is an excellent idea. If you were managing this content on your agency side, which areas of the platform would you expect your team to see and manage this client-content in?


I think maybe in the dashboard in the files section they should be able to upload their own files as well.