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Business App Custom links in Business App


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Being able to provide custom links in the Business App would be a huge way to increase engagement from clients. It’s just one more way to becoming their one-stop-shop for everything

For example:

  • Links to external reports or spreadsheets
  • Links for client support resources
  • Links to the agency’s website
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That’s a pretty good workaround for a single link (such as linking to an agency’s site), but in another use-case, it would get cluttered:

We provide monthly reports for specific services that aren’t shown in the business center/executive report (links built or content created, for example). So, similar to uploading files in business center, it would be nice to be able to provide a place in the business center where links could be posted.

This would almost be handled like a support ticket system (new post + client notification).

I’ve tried uploading blank files in the past with a description linking the client to an external report, but that didn’t work.


Hey @Wes_Foster – It’s on the roadmap for Q3 to be able to add custom content to the Exec Report, including comments. Appreciate your suggestion of links to external resources, I’ll add that to the plans, and make sure to reach out when we’re looking for testers!


Hey Wes, might not be exactly what you are looking for, but you could put in custom products that have their launch action link to wherever you’d like. Would something like that do the trick for you?