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Meeting Scheduler Custom Meeting Location


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I would like the ability to add a custom meeting location to My Meetings Settings. 


At the minimum you should be able to disable the "required" meeting app but still allow the scheduler to connect with my google calendar. 


Currently the only options are Google Meet or Zoom. And one option of these options is required. This can cause confusion if the meeting is simply a phone call or we'd like to use a conference line or even meet in person. 


Giving an option to enter a custom location would be ideal. 


Other meeting apps do this.

2 Answers

I really like this suggestion, Bronson!

A virtual meeting link is not actually required (test it out in your own Business App!) but that's not super clear nor are there options per attendee/meeting link.

I'll be advocating for this now that remote meetings aren't the standard!

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Thanks for your reply Jon. 


According to the documentation Salespeople have to choose either Google Meet or Zoom. 


There is no option to not choose a meeting app. 



Where the confusion arises is the "Join with Google Meet" will appear in the calendar event details. 



There should be a way to "unselect" the default meeting app. 




Thanks, Bronson! We definitely have room to make it easier for in-person meetings.

I actually don't do in-person meetings. I only gave that as an example. I do everything over the phone and screenshare so I would like the option to enter my own details.