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Customer Voice Drip campaign to remind automatically


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I don't want to have to check-in every day or every other day to send a reminder manually so I want a drip where if they didn't click then send them a reminder 3 days later and one more drip if they again did not (1-3 total emails in the campaign)

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That is a great suggestion.


I would also like to see this. The system is already doing the tracking now we need to make that actionable. A solution that I used a few years back worked like this.


One of my clients signed up for a referral program (before I joined VEndasta). This package sent automatic follow-ups plus offered the recipient two options:

Option 01 Write and post a review.

Option 02 If they were not satisfied, they were able to send a message to the business describing the issue without posting a review. They still had the option to post the review but oftentimes would choose to contact the business instead.


Hey everyone, Anurag from Vendasta here. This is a great idea and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We are adding it to our roadmap for future feature enhancements. I will keep you posted on any development on this.