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Social Marketing Expiring Social Account Connections


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When a connection between a client's social account and either the Reputation or Social Marketing app expires, a "passive" banner at the top of the app's overview page indicates this with an "x". Many clients don't see this or forget to update, which requires sometimes several follow ups from me to remind them to reauthenticate these accounts. It would be great if a popup screen greeted the client when they login whenever a social connection has expired asking them to do this.

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Hi Malcolm! I'm Cam, Product Marketing Manager for Social Marketing. Great suggestion! We want to help save time for both you and your customers. Improving our notifications for expiring accounts is actually on our radar for upcoming Social Marketing developments. We'll keep you posted! If you have any other feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Thanks Cam. I mentioned this during your Social pres last Friday too. Just thought I'd add it to the support forum.