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Sales & Success Center Feature for hiding notices in the Loop


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Hi, can we have a tick box on notices in the Loop which acknowledges that you've seen them so that they don't come up again?

I know that there is the filter option, and a like/follow option but that doesn't work for acknowledging notice that you no longer want to see. Thanks

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Hey Peter, the loop is intended to act as a social feed for the sales teams, where events happen and are added to the notification stream. It's meant to capture and record events across the company so salespeople can stay updated and view past activities.

That being said, we want to make sure it's a useful tool for our partners, so I'd be interested in knowing why you'd like to hide or dismiss posts from the loop? That way I can bring this back to my team to consider for future updates.

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Hi Adam, thanks for the response. The main reason is that I have a generic business account to which I link all my random contacts who aren't far enough along for me to have created an account. So whenever I get a notification saying 'somebody at ABC co has shown an interest' I don't know who it is, following the link in the email doesn't tell you what they were interested in, nor who it was... the only place the 'interested party' is listed by name is in the Loop... so the Loop becomes a defacto to-do list

So that brings me to the second reason i would like the event to have a 'hide for me' function (only from me, not from others who are reading it)... once I've seen the item in the loop, i want to acknowledge it, and either take immediate action (and then hide it), or perhaps save it for later (and leave it there)... as the loop records many different actions, it doesn't take long to create a long list... and i don't want to have to scroll through it to find where i was up to... it becomes a kind of simple 'to do' list without transferring data to 'tasks' - perhaps there could be a button to convert a Loop item in to a task item? That would help...

although, I do find myself only going to the loop when i get the above mentioned emails... or by accident when I'm trying to press the help button

Hope that helps...


Hey Peter, that helps tremendously! Thanks for breaking down how you use Sales & Success Center as it really helps us to visualize your use case and why this would be an important feature for you.

I'll definitely relay this back to my team for consideration, although I can't promise that this will be something that will be added anytime soon. That being said, I think from your use case you raise some really great ideas on ways we can improve the loop itself, as well as our 'who's online' feature that showcases the most recent engagement of your contacts.

Thanks again for providing this feedback, and don't hesitate to let us know about any additional features we can consider that can help you use our platform!

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OK, thanks for the response. I'll keep an eye out for future developments