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Snapshot Report Ability to utilize LinkedIn on Snapshot Report in Social


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For local businesses that sell to other businesses in the area - it's imperative they have a presence on Linkedin. I'd like to see a way for a presence on Linkedin to be an option on the Snapshot report in the social section. This seems to be a miss when talking to prospects to not acknowledge this whether the company page or other leaders who have or should have active profiles.

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Hey Thomas, great suggestion! I can totally understand how that's a gap in our social section and is an important consideration for a business owner. While I can't guarantee it'll be added soon, I'll definitely relay that feedback to the team as we're always looking at ways to make the Snapshot Report more comprehensive.

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Thanks for passing it along!



I agree. LinkedIn would be valuable to have. So would glassdoor and indeed.


Hey Wayne, those are great suggestions as well and fit in nicely alongside Linkedin as future social integrations!