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FEATURE REQUEST: Add Client Account Info to Vendasta Invoices


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Currently, Vendasta provides an invoice to us as partners each time a product is activated for a client and when the subscription renews for that client. As a result we receive multiple invoices each month for different product activations. For example, we might receive ten different invoices just for Website Pro. However, on these invoices there is no indication of which client account the charge is related to. Also, if we are using the Vendasta payments solution when we invoice the client, there is no reference to the client's invoice number on our Vendasta invoice. I would like to see the Vendasta invoices updated to include the client account/client invoice number (if applicable) that the charge is related to. This would really help with proper record keeping for expenses.

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Hey Brian,
Thanks for the feedback. Are you referring to the receipt emails that we send after a product activation or renewal? Or the sales-invoice found under Administration -> Financial Documents -> Sales Invoices?


Hello, I would say both. I get the emails each time a product renews each month, but there is no reference as to which of my client accounts is renewing that product. As a permanent record it would be good to have it for reference in the Financial Documents area.




Same problem here. It is difficult to keep track of the invoicing when there is no client listed.


Yes thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

For now, something that might help: we just added the ability to export purchase data! Go to Administration -> My Billing -> By Purchase. There is a download button on the top right of the table, and that gives you a CSV with the purchase id, all of the purchase items (with their sku and name), and which account it relates to. It also has the subtotal, any discounts, tax, and total per item.

We also added a new Active Subscriptions table which has helped a lot of partners with billing reconciliation. There you can see all the active subscriptions for all your accounts, which customer its for, the start date, frequency, and next renewal date (filterable by customer name or product) - this has helped with a lot of billing.