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[Solved] Feature Request - Billing Automation


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Currently, there is the option within Billing Automation to setup automatic recurring billing based on a recurring invoice. When selecting this option you have to create that recurring invoice at the bottom, but there doesn't seem to be a way to set when you want that invoice to generate for the first time. It seems to automatically set to generate the invoice the next month. It would be idea if there was an option for me to select a specific invoice start date (which might be a year from now) to start the billing for the first time which would then set the schedule for each recurring invoice after that.

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Hi everyone, Roy from Vendasta here.

Thank you for the suggestions and it’s great to hear the response from you all on how this would be a useful addition to help you manage your billing. This kind of feedback is always welcomed and great to hear, offering us insight into the specific ways our various partners use the system to fit their needs.

As we always strive to make the software work and work well for our users, I have taken this feedback to my team already and we are currently looking into what this change would look like on our end.

This may be of some help in the meantime: Currently, we do have an activate on the contract start date. If a salesperson submits an order through the sales center, the Partner Center admin can go to Partner Center > Sales > Orders. Once they approve the order, they can choose to "activate on contract start" I have added a screenshot to this response.

Should you have any questions, comments, or feedback in the meantime, I would be more than happy to chat with you and can be reached at

Thank you again for your recommendations and feedback!


Agree. This would be useful.


Absolutele Agree




This would definitely help us out as well.


I agree with this suggestion!