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INBOX!!! Obviously ...
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Business App INBOX!!! Obviously awesome... next channel...




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Congrats and thank you for this tool!

lol obviously this is early for a feature request but I can't resist given the project I'm neck deep in right now.


To make this an absolute game changer... "click here for html code to drop this chat tool on your website".

If it's not obvious, website chat as one of the channels in addition to SMS, GMB, FB and IG!


(edited the part below because I realized what I wrote originally would have complications)

You'll want a form for the chat agent to fill with lead info that will then add the person to the customer list (that's a given), however, the sneaky key here is to have an event listener on that form so that Google Analytics can pick it up as a custom Goal. Tricky part here is that this form will be in the Vendasta Business App so the GA would need to be connected like it is in Website Pro and then listening for events in the Business App dash, not on the website side of things... would be no way to tie the lead to the IP or any utm attribution... but would be able to track the lead conversions... the form could have an additional dropdown field so it could properly attribute the utm_source for you as GMB chat, Messenger, IG Messenger, SMS or "Inbox Webchat"


As far as tracking the chat action on the website... You can either make the code drop long with the event listeners built in, or add a connect Google Analytics function to Inbox, again like in Website Pro. I'm sure lots of people will want a pre-chat form to capture the lead upfront and have it filled by the browser not the agent, but that reduces chat volume by 75% ish.


🤔 ... ok, back to work (yes... I have been deep into tracking lately and solving the chat lead attribution dilemma)

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Thanks for the great feedback!! And yes you can bet we've got a website chat widget in our sights. Thanks for the really detailed explanation of how you'd integrate with Google Analytics, this is very helpful. Stay tuned for future news about Inbox, appreciate the feedback.



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modified what I wrote previously after thinking on it a bit 🙂