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Snapshot Report Info bubble for Industry Leaders on Snapshot Report


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I had a client today ask me how the Industry Leaders were determined for the Snapshot Report. I looked on various documentation for the Snapshot Cheatsheets, etc. and I couldn't find a clear answer.

After reaching out via chat to the support team this was the response....

The industry leaders are those businesses in your geographical location, within your industry, who have raked the highest in the individual categories, and overall, evaluated by the snapshot report.

I recommend you add an info bubble on that Industry Leaders title.

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Hi Amy,

Great question - I have also wondered about this. 

Are they planning on showing who those leaders are in the report if you mouse over the area so that you and the customer have clear insights into who they are being compared to?

Thanks for asking this question.

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Hi Karen. My suggestion is they add this info bubble feature as a roll over should someone want more clarification on how they establish Industry Leaders.


Thanks for asking this question and posting the reply.

my first thought was also 'compared to who' and how is that compared.



Hi Amy,

Are you running the Snapshot Reports against the client's top 3 Competitors?

That is what I did when I groomed the Report and got the information from my chiro client.

Thank you for the clarity on Industry Leaders.