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Feature Request: Invoices v2.0 (couple UX problems & a couple UI issues)


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Invoices need some major updates:

1. need to be able to delete a package (you can't delete packages right now, all you can do is delete line items)

2. Invoices need to show today's total, one-time fees, monthly recurring and annual recurring fees. Prospects ask every single time, and right now I have to bust out the calculator and ask them to hold on a minute... and if we modify the invoice then I need to do it all over again... it's silly.

3. Currency - need to be able to select the currency we want the invoice to send in. I have clients in Australia and US and Canada... everything is set to Canadian Dollars because that's where we are and they get confused even though I add a memo in ALL CAPS stating what the amount is today in their currency.

4. Need to pull in proper costs for vendor centre apps we created ourselves. Vendor centre apps, even if you enter the wholesale costing in the app when you make it, does not show up ANYWHERE in Vendasta, the wholesale cost shows Free everywhere, which REALLY screws up making a package and you can't see your true margins, and even worse with invoices where you can't see Any of the wholesale costs at all.

5. ability to set the initial invoice number so we're not sending out invoice #000002 lol

6. Need the ability to drag n drop line items to re-order them.

7. Also specifically need the ability to drag line items into a package. You can delete line items from a package, but you can't add any... show if you want to show just a package price and not the line items, or even you just want everything neat & tidy while showing line items, you need to go out to packages, duplicate a package, modify it, go back to invoices and add that package... which is a ridiculously convoluted way to do that, and makes an absolute mess of your packages... but is our only option right now.

Thanks for checking this out, I didn't think it made sense to make 7 separate feature requests. Let me know if I should!

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@rmorris @Nicholas


Agreed to all of the these! We also need to be able to have our own custom packages as a single line item.


Wow, this is amazing, Tyler! Thanks so much.

After seeing how much you've got in mind, it might be best for us to book an hour long call if you're up for it.

Here's the link:

Let me know!


Hey Tyler...thanks for putting so much detail together for this. Great stuff.

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if you add a package to the invoice there's now a toggle on the top right to show line items or not.

@Nicholas - would be great to have the option to show line items but not line prices. In lieu of that I will just show them the package price.

At this point I am screen capturing the invoice the cropping the line items, so that in a Zoom call I can go over what they're getting without getting sidetracked in line item costs... that's a sure way to lose a deal 🙂

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I have attention to detail if nothing else 😝

Glad you found it on point.

I come out of high volume car sales where I managed the systems supporting the dealers and if we had these tweaks I am requesting then I believe the invoice tool in Vendasta would become one of our greatest assets.


I'm really looking forward to our chat! Exciting stuff 😀

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Wanted to ping you on this one because this is quickly becoming a massive insurmountable bottleneck for us. (Honestly this is the number one thing IMO that needs priority urgent attention in Vendasta. This is about taking money in... nothing else is as important.)

We need the ability to create a package on the invoice, and drag and drop items in or out of the package. I don't care if it creates a package in the packages section whatsoever. My client doesn't care what my packages are, only what the invoice says.

A toggle to "show line items" yes | no, and a second toggle that is disabled when "show line items" is set to no, but is enabled when "show line items" is set to yes,... second toggle would say "show line item prices" yes | no

The ability to show line items but NO line item prices, only the package price would be incredibly helpful in closing the sale. Right now we can show line items and prices or show just package with no line items... need the ability to show line items and no line item pricing, just package price.



Hey, Tyler! Thanks again for the amazing suggestions.

I'm very happy to share the feedback that I get from you with the team! We're constantly striving to make the billing and invoicing experience as seamless and as profitable as possible for our partners.

Thanks again for the suggestions. Keep them coming!!