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Merchant Services Partial Payment Options


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For some customers to pay all upfront for the services may be difficult. I think it would be great to have an option where they can split up the payments. This does two things potentially.

1: It gives options to the client if things are a bit tight and they can't pay the full invoice all at once.

2: It allows me to at the very least cover any Vendasta services cost for that first payment, so I'm not coming out of pocket.

This was the question I asked to the support team below. They suggested to throw it out to the community and see if anyone else could use this feature as well.

How can I set a Billing Automation to happen 2 times per month. So instead of billing $1000 on the 1st of the month, I want to bill $500 on the 1st and $500 on the 15th of every month. And ideally I would have the invoice say, 1 of 2 and 2 of 2... or something like that.

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Hello Jeff, Cory Leyte, Program Manager for the Platform Division, which includes our Bill Squad, who works closely with invoicing/charging your customers via the platform. We want to provide our partners the ability to collect payments for the product or service they sold in installments, as you suggested above. Channel Partners have found alternative ways in the platform, such as generate multiple invoices, which many are doing for their website builds. I have shared your comment with our squad, and I want to let you know that this feature is on our radar and would be amazing!


I would support this. Payment options would help here in UK


i asked samething use paypal invoice or honeybook


Agreed, this would be super helpful. I typically build my clients for half up front and half on delivery, especially for graphic or web design work. Digital marketing or other subscriptions is more reasonable to expect upfront. 


Cleyte, can you clarify how a solution could be found by using multiple invoices?