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Marketplace [Solved] Recurring billing needs timeframe selection


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We now have the recurring billing setting on client billing settings, however it seems that whatever is there bills every month. We need the ability to put in things that recur on an annual basis and it either know it's an annual billing or ability for us to set annual and set the date that service started.


So common example I'm sure is Listing Distribution. Let's say we handle a first invoice manually to take payment. Then we set up the recurring billing... well, the Listing Distribution is just in the wind, no automation... admin nightmare. Then when you add in other services you do annually across all of your accounts... big mess.

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Adrian, I hope you're doing well!

Thanks you very much for your input as well! We are working on improving the flexibility of billing within the platform as we speak! 😁 We've got a couple features being worked on that will provide the ability for you to include setup fees and we'll also be adding in the ability to do custom pricing.

Soon, we'll be introducing the ability to offer annual discounts, like other SaaS companies do, where you could offer a product at $100 per month, or $1,000 per year (for a $200 savings), for example.

If you ever have any other feedback or suggestions, you can always post in here, the Conquer Local Community, but also feel free to message me directly on here, or book a call with me through my calendar link at

Thanks again for your feedback, we really appreciate it!



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@rmorris @Nicholas


Hi, Tyler! Thanks a lot for this feedback.

I'm wondering if you'd be open to having a quick 15 minute call to discuss this in more detail? It would be amazing if you could even go so far as to demonstrate what you mean while on the call - I want to make sure I relay the right information to the team.

Feel free to book a time on my calendar at your convenience here:

Thanks again for sharing this, it's super helpful.

Best regards,


If I understand Tyler correctly I agree with what he's saying. There needs to be more flexibility with the billing options.