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Social Marketing Advanced Posting


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Currently one can only do simple posts on all social channels.

What about LinkedIn Articles, Stories etc. How about Instagram Stories.
Some can do posts with an Image Carousel, using several images in the post in a neat way.
Posting into Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

Is there any such things on the roadmap.....

Agree with all points above.  We used to sell Social Media Pro but can't now - We need to be able to post multiple images to Instagram and find there are just too many limitations.  We also noticed a decrease in image quality when posting.  We are using Loomly now for all of our clients.  An integration with them would be amazing.

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Hello everyone! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking to add more features to Social Marketing, and these are definitely on our radar. As Jon mentioned, we currently have Facebook and Instagram API limitations as to the types of posts we can currently publish. I'll bring these up again with our development team and will keep you posted!


Video to LinkedIn business pages is a bare minimum must. 


I love love love the Vendasta services but social media management requires SO much more now- we do everything in house - It requires a huge team, which we're dedicated to growing. We've also started doing all photo and video for IG in house as well. Considering white-labeling this to other agencies. But I totally feel you Thomas, people need more than the basics these days.


Great request Thomas! I definitely feel the need to do as many of these things in one place as possible.

As far as I'm aware, Facebook has not publically made available their APIs for auto-posting Instagram stories, nor auto-posting carousels. I think everyone most people would be excited for this one!


It would be awesome if Vendasta could forge a partnership with Agorapulse to make their social media management tool more robust.


The other social media management tools out there have Facebook group scheduled posting so it has to be part of the API. Many of my clients are using Facebook groups now to communicate with their customers and not having this ability makes it hard to sell over someone like Hootsuite.


It would be great to see a roadmap of what's in store for the Social Marketing App.    There are loads of other apps out there offering some great features making it real tough to sell this one.   Feels like SMA is falling behind some newcomers too.  Lately I've been using Publer and they've been actively releasing new features for quite some time.    


Thank you for your feedback ! All these are good request, currently we have Facebook and Instagram API limitations for some of the requests. I will work with product and dev teams and will keep posted as we make progress.