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Feature Request: Update to Mentions on Daily Digest


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Just a thought as it relates to Mentions and the Daily Digest (other places too I am sure). It is a little misleading to report that ‘You were mentioned’ when the mention can be any Keyword Search Term. It certainly applies if you are tracking mentions of the brand/location name or a person associated, but to say you are mentioned when you are tracking a product, service or competitor does not come across properly. It might say one of your Keyword Search Terms was mentioned.

Just a thought that might help avoid confusion as I frequently get new clients calling and inquiring why they receive an email that ‘they’ were mentioned when in reality a Keyword triggered the mention. Easy to explain of course, but I know we are chasing perfection.

Thank you.

2 Answers

Hi Jim! Sorry for getting back to you so late. I appreciate this small but important detail you and your clients have spotted. I am going to pass along the feedback to our Product Manager who can help ensure this quick fix gets sorted. Thanks!

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Thank you for the reply Paige.👍