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Feature Request: Urgent - "accept terms" checkbox in payment process


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When a client is purchasing from me, none of my clients are on any form of contract, because my terms are in Vendasta, and Vendasta only runs the client through to accept the terms if the client uses the storefront > shopping cart > self-checkout method... which has a less than ideal UX right now, and worse-so for people who aren't yet clients trying to buy from us for the first time

For anyone paying an invoice, we should have the option to require them to "click the check box" and accept the terms... We already have the terms in Vendasta... The client just needs to be prompted...

This is already costing me money as someone wants a refund and I feel morally obligated to refund them, as such I will lose money because I have since activated the items on their account and I have been billed by Vendasta and paid for the services.

So please... give us the option, or just make it a required default that anyone paying via invoice has to accept the terms and conditions (if they have been uploaded into Vendasta - so if no file has been uploaded for terms, it doesn't prompt them to accept the terms)

Something need to be done here. This is a major issue.

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I had the same concern but I was focused on the long-term agreements and how to enforce them after paying commission to a sales rep.


Following thread.

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I'm not running any contracts at all. Not ideal 😝


I am new to the platform and now with this post even more interested in how others are going about the basics like terms of services and what commitment are you asking for if you don't use contracts and a specific service requires a minimum of 3-6-month purchase to activate?

In your case how are the terms used, if you arent using contracts?


Hi Tyler,

Thank you for the feedback! It's definitely something I plan to discuss with the team. Is this a fair summary?

* you have uploaded a Terms of Service to the system for your customers

* The ToS is displayed on the self checkout (see attached screenshot for an example), but that isn't really something you and your customers re using.

* You are sending invoices to your customers from the Vendasta platform. It would be great to use that same Terms of Service on the invoices that you're sending to your customers.

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As long as that terms link loads up the PDF I have uploaded with my terms, then yes 😀

Legally speaking, if I put contract terms in that PDF as well, would they be complying with the terms of the contract, the same as they are for the terms of service, etc?


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I have my bases covered with terms of service, disclaimers, privacy policy, cookies policy and returns policy through - highly recommend it

I only do month to month. If the service requires a 3 to 6 month minimum I am just eating the risk. I think that the time required to put in a failsafe whether billing 3 months upfront and having to explain that or modifying their contract (if you're using one) isn't worth the effort for the amount of times, if ever, you have to pay-out a term because a client cancels early.

I could be wrong there, but I don't think it's worth much or any headspace 😀


Thanks for the confirmation Tyler!

When @nvanzantvendasta and @Caz are back in the office we will sync up about this.