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Meeting Scheduler URGENT needed update


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We desperately need the scheduler to connect with more than one calendar... I am using the Vendasta scheduler and it is screwing up my days double booking me everywhere.

Most people living on their calendar have multiple calendars showing there and maybe from multiple email addresses... I have SEVERAL calendars showing up on my G Suite from 2 emails... well... Vendasta scheduler connects to ONE calendar... so it is showing available times that are NOT available...

This is a SUPER basic feature and must be added in quickly for this tool to be of any real value to anyone other than someone who only has one calendar... By adding in this one feature it takes the tool from only useful for tech-beginners to useful for all but the most tech-advanced larger clients.


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+1 on that request!!


Hey Tyler, I completely understand that point, and it's definitely something we want to bring to Meeting Scheduler as soon as we can.

I'm sorry that it's double booking you, we want to make sure this tool is something that makes your day easier not harder. I'll be bringing this feedback to the team and try to make this a priority for our future release schedule.

I really appreciate you continuing to use Meeting Scheduler, and please continue to provide us with feedback like this as it helps us plan out our feature updates. While I can't give any specific timelines, I'll be sure to provide updates if this becomes available.

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This is a screen from Book Like A Boss - Something like this is exactly what we need


Thanks for sharing that Tyler! As we move closer to having this as an option, we're always looking at suggestions on how this could work/look within the platform. This will give us a great idea of how ours could look once we reach that stage. Keep sending us great feedback like this!