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Sales & Success Center More relevant competitor list when adding accounts?


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Seems to me like the list that appears on the map when adding new accounts is just a list of misc local businesses in close proximity. Wouldn't this comparison be more relevant to the snapshot report creation if it was companies in the same business category (even if they were further afield?)

3 Answers

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Currently, the competitor list should be using the business category to determine similar businesses, but we know there's work to be done to try and make that list more relevant for your accounts. 

Have you noticed this happening with specific business types or all accounts you've added? 

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Thanks for the response! Upon review, some recent new accounts like restaurants worked just fine and pulled up relevant competitors, however attached are a few examples that don't really relate. Is this because they're somehow listed incorrectly in Google? In this case it'd be quite nice to be able to MANUALLY choose competitors on this screen... however in the meantime I understand that it is possible to manually add them after the fact in the individual account settings by name and URL... Is that correct?

Screen Shot 2021 06 14 at [June 14]1.33 PM
Screen Shot 2021 06 14 at [June 14]1.34 PM
Screen Shot 2021 06 14 at [June 14]1.35 PM



Good to know that some of your accounts are pulling in data fairly accurately! We do use the business category from Google, and it could be due to inaccurate listings. We've also noticed that sometimes with the more generic business categories, we pull in un-related businesses as competitors. 

I really like your idea of opening up the option of manually choosing competitors on that screen, I'll be bringing that back to the team! In the meantime, you are correct that you can manually add them after the account is created. If you need help with that, here's a support article that breaks down how to do that. Adding Competitor Stats

Thanks for sharing those examples as well, that will help the team investigate this a bit more thoroughly. And if you notice any other business types that are off, let me know! 

Great, thanks again Adam!