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Package Automation Triggers


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So far, automations can only be triggered by products.

Can we add PACKAGES to Automation triggers and tasks?

2 Answers

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the feedback!! I'll try and get some more info from you about what you're looking for, and maybe give you some work arounds for now:

Right now we have a trigger for if a user views a package! We also have automations triggers for activating or deactivating products, but if those products are part of a package it will still trigger an automation!


Sometimes when an entire package is ordered, only some of the products are activated (for example, if there were errors on some of the products or something), which could make a package activation/deactivation trigger a little tricky if only some items work while others don't. Are you looking for a trigger for something like "a package activation has been attempted"?

And for actions, yeah we can currently only select individual products for activation or deactivation, but you can also use the "create a sales opportunity" action to choose a package to start an opportunity for! Being able to activate entire packages is a great idea though. Thanks!




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Yes! That's exactly what I mean, even an attempted activation. Because we can put custom products within packages too, and that way we can trigger better automations for that specific package.