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Sales & Success Center Calendar Suggestion: Assign Specific Times On Tasks


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It would be very useful if the Calendar feature in sales and success center was more full-featured so that a rep could set tasks for specific days/times as well as manage appointments from the Calendar. Maybe kind of like how Outlook does it.

Currently you can only set tasks for a given day. For example if a prospect told a sales rep to call them back at a specific time on such and such day of the week, the sales rep in this example can create a task for that day, but there is not way to my knowledge to set the task to a specific time.

I understand it is easier said than done regarding feature requests, however having this type of feature would make the platform so much more useful for reps, because they could log tasks and appointments all inside of Vendasta, without having to also put items like follow up tasks and appointments in Outlook. Having a sales center calendar that does not let you log sales tasks and sales appointments is can be a challenge sometimes.






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Hey Daniel,

Thanks again for the great feedback, I totally understand how having a calendar that can accurately track tasks and meetings is important for sales reps. The Meeting Scheduler within Sales & Success Center does add booked meetings to the calendar automatically, but the feedback about having the ability to set tasks for specific times is great!

Don't hesitate to send me more feedback like this, our teams are always open to hearing how partners like yourself are using Sales & Success Center.

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I would say just examine what sales force is doing in this particular arena and replicate it. It would help us as a partner to not have two different softwares to juggle.