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Customer Voice When will there by support for Zapier for CV automations?


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This is the only reason we don't use CV at the moment-no integration for hundreds of software platforms to automatically kick off review requests.

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Agree, and also Zapier needs to be available for other parts of Vendasta


Hey Ramey! Great point! CV should allow to connect to a plethora of connections to trigger the review request at the right place and the right time. This is a big pain points that our Customer Voice team will be addressing and solving this year! 🤩 We will be introducing campaign functionality, meaning you can automate review requests for new customers. We will follow this up with more triggers through third party connections. We are currently evaluating our options on the best possible way to achieve those integrations and Zapier is something we might consider among other solutions.

Rick, that is a great point. Once we have it built for CV I do not see why we could not use the same on other products. I'll make sure to suggest this to other teams as well.


This(Zapier integration) is something I was about to ask about. I'm happy to see it's being look into.


Agreed. Zapier (API) integrations are a must for any platform these days.