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Automations Send Notification - Place Holders for all Account/User Details


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When you use any type of "Send Notification" action in Automation, you have option to use couple of place holders to get Business Name and Business ID. Here is screenshot:

What other Place Holders are available in Automation and can we use these place holders in other Actions like Creating Task etc. I am more interested in using Place Holders for some of account/user data values like First Name, Last Name, email Address, Phone Number etc.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.






Hi Jagdish, how are you doing?

I'm Thiago Neres, Product Marketing Manager for Vendasta Automations. Thank you for your feedback.

The placeholders that you're talking about are what we call "dynamic components". Currently, when it comes to notifications, we only support the business name and business ID.

Our product team has plans to add more dynamic components to the list, and you're definitely not the first person to ask for it. It's just something that is not technically super simple to do because your dynamic components will be based on the trigger and steps that you choose.

For example, the "payment succeeds" and "payment fails" trigger should be able to pull information such as price and product in the future, but won't necessarily have a first name or last name associated with the event.

Without getting too technical here, the TL;DR is that we have that in our roadmap, it might just take a while to build and I don't have an estimate yet. In the meantime, the team is working on other things that will make the experience more seamless. For example, we're getting ready to launch Automation Templates in the next few weeks, and we'll have a few templates with our recommendations based on what we learned from 250+ channel partners using this feature 🙂

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Thank you very much for your quick response

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Hi again, I was talking 1 of my colleagues and he was wondering if we call your API, is it possible to pull some of these dynamic components by using Business ID? Thanks


Hi Jagdish,

Unfortunately, we don't support that currently.



Can you let me know when the template for the automations os launched. I love automations and have a some good ones set up already bu5 I’m always looking for new automations.


Hey David! Not sure if you saw yet but automation templates were released today!