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Marketing Services Facebook Ads Management


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I have spent 20 minutes trying to find facebook ads management in the store. I found the setup product but don't see anything else. Frustrating.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The Marketing Services team does offer Facebook ads through the Digital Ads: Campaign product, starting at $500 wholesale spend. Through this product, we offer Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Display Retargeting advertising.

We are constantly working to improve our products and user experience for partners like yourself.

I would love to book you in for a call so you can walk me through your workflow, and identify the processes that may have caused you some confusion.

I will be following up with an email to you shortly, but you are always free to reach out to me at, or @Nicky Duncan , our Digital Ads Service Manager.

-Lukaa, Marketing Operations Manager


Hey Mike,

We can review this next time we chat, although we recently removed the Digital Ads: Facebook offering and you can now order that and other Digital Ads: Campaign services with our Marketing Services team through the service that Lukaa mentioned.

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Put a notice up! "We've changed how you order facebook ads......"



Hi Mike,

I'm looking forward to our chat next week to discuss in detail some of your feedback and how we may improve the ordering experience!

In regards to our changing the digital ads offering, let me walk you through what our communication process was for the digital ads launch.

We started off by communicating changes to our internal teams, so they could be prepared and keep their partners informed.

We then sent out a series of emails to partners who had previously activated any of our old digital ads products (like the Facebook one you'd mentioned) in the last year. We also directed partners to this article about the launch, and this article about how to activate this new product.

Lastly, we also created a banner to update partners, that appeared on Partner Center for the same partners on the previous email campaign.

I noticed you were not on the email list because you had not ordered any ads products with your associated Partner Center account. Having told you all about our launch process, I'm very open to hear your thoughts on how we may improve on communicating new changes!

And this is an open-ended question for any partner: how would you like to see us communicate new product changes to you? Are you likely to click open emails we send you or is there a more efficient way of communicating?