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Social Marketing Facebook page auto invite and like comments


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To grow a Facebook business page organically I spend time inviting people who comment on post that have not liked the page. That process includes clicking on post interactions summation (likes, loves, etc) and inviting those who have not liked the page.

This should be an auto feature in the Social Pro.

Auto liking comments and shares is another task we spend time on that should be automated.




That’s a cool idea, George!

We built a tool to do this 11 years ago, but then Facebook said that automated activity like this was against the terms of service. So we killed it.

There are many tools that do this on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So you could do them, but know there’s a chance you could get shut down for using it.

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Thanks Dennis. Would it be possible to maybe not do it “automatically”, but build the feature in to invite all on a post if we prompt on that specific post? Then it would not be fully automatic.