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Feature Requests for advertising Intelligence Advanced Reporting


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For Advertising Intelligence Advanced Reporting I'd love to see the following features:

  • incorporate nice looking charts & graphs
  • ability to report on additional metrics
  • ability to report metrics at adgroup / keyword level
  • ability to insert assumptions for the ROI (ie: customer lifetime value and close rate) on the actual report itself instead of just hidden in the settings. 

I think these features would create substantial value for clients.

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Hi mikemorscheck,

Thank you for the feedback. I am glad to communicate that we are aligned on the product vision.

#1 and #3 are part of our 2021 Q4 roadmap, and #4 is planned in 2022. Wondering if we can connect for 30 mins to learn more about #2?

  • incorporate nice looking charts & graphs: Yes we’re planning to add a section in the AdIntel dashboard to show historical trends over impressions, clicks and conversions for total & each channel type (Adwords, FB, LocalAds). Planned release next quarter.
  • ability to report on additional metrics: Curious to learn about the additional metrics you want to see. Happy to get them in our product backlog. Wondering, if we can connect for 30 mins to learn further?
  • ability to report metrics at adgroup / keyword level: implementation planned in 2021 Q4. In regards to metrics on keyword level, I believe we do have a keyword table that shows impressions, clicks, CTR etc. for each keyword. Curious to learn further about the metrics you would like to see. We can discuss this when we meet for #2 above.
  • ability to insert assumptions for the ROI on the report instead of in the settings: We’re aware that opportunity to improve the ROI set up and how it impacts the conversion metrics exists. Our product people are brainstorming ideas on how to improve the user experience. Planned 2022.

    Product Marketing 

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Excellent to hear! Yes you can book time with me using the following link: