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Google my business for multi location


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Hi are we going to be able to post to multi locations through the dashboard? Also are we able to post pictures as well?

I was looking at this tool from DBA Platform and it does everything that we need. This would be fantastic to have this


Hey Paul, on the conquer local Multi-Lo call yesterday, I believe that the dev team said they expect to have other social and GMB either by late October or Early 2021. I'll defer to them, but it's in the works to my understanding.


Hey Paul (& Laura)!

At the end of October, the Social Marketing team will be releasing our multi-location composer that will allow users to post to multiple brand location's Facebook pages. Users will be able to post multiple images and videos, similar to the single location composer.

We understand that GMB is incredibly important as well and we will be working on adding GMB as a network to the composer. We are looking to get started on this work early in 2021.

As Laura said, we chatted about this in the most recent Community Session, once the recording is uploaded I urge you to check it out!


Hi Guys,

THank you for the update I am checking out the multi location now. have a fantastic day