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Google Search Console in the Executive Report: RELEASED


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🎉We're excited to announce Google Search Console in the Executive Report is now available! With this update, you can now provide your clients with proof-of-performance of their SEO in Google Search Results.

By connecting Google Search Console to Business App, you can show detailed automatic proof-of-performance analytics on searches happening on Google:

-how many queries their website appears on page one of Google

-how many clicks their website is getting

-how many impressions their website is getting

-which queries are getting the most clicks, and their avg. position in search results

-which website pages are getting the most clicks and impressions

To learn more, check out the Resource Center article!


Thanks for that update, Erica. As I do have a number of SEO clients, this will be invaluable to me in showing them proof of performance so they continue to move forward. Keep these improvements coming

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Really awesome to hear that Paul! absolutely, we'll keep delivering.🎉