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Introducing Google Q&A monitoring for your multi-location clients!


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Keeping up with Google Q&A activity for a brand with multiple locations—not to mention 100s or 1000s—is a lot to manage. Logging into different GMB profiles to see and answer questions is time-consuming and repetitive. We’re excited to say we’ve solved this issue for your multi-location clients with our newest release to Multi-Location Business App! Now, brand managers can see all their Google Q&A activity across all their locations in one stream. Plus, no more navigating between profiles to respond to questions—it can all be done from the dashboard!

Check out this article to see how Google Q&A monitoring just got so much easier for your multi-location brands!

Q: Why is monitoring Google Q&A important?

A: Like online reviews, Google Q&A can have a considerable impact on a business or brand’s online reputation. Brand managers need to actively manage their Google Q&A activity to ensure that potential customers get accurate information about the business. The last thing you need is for false information about the business to spread because a Google user provided an incorrect answer to a question that should have been answered by the business.

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This is great. For clarification, is the next iteration going to include the ability to posts FAQs to all location GMB accounts from the multi-location app dashboard?



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Hi Malcolm,

Glad you’re also excited about it too! Yes, you’re spot on. The next iteration of this feature will include the ability to pose FAQs (and then answer them) from the dashboard. There are many more logistics to iron out from a multi-location standpoint though. We look forward to delivering this iteration in the not-too-distant future!