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Listings Listings Not Syncing In Listings Sync Pro


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We have several listings not syncing in Listing Sync Pro Vendasta.

We activated the subscription in Dec 2020 but several sites that are part of the network still say syncing in progress. For instance, Bing is not syncing, and is displaying an incorrect address.

It has been about 6 months, and still have several sites that have not synced yet.


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Hello Daniel,
I have been reviewing this thread and I can understand your frustrations with the outcome of listing sync pro. We strive for excellence  and I want to ensure that your experience, and your clients experience, with our products is world class. We are in the middle of making some significant improvements to our dashboard and would love the opportunity to review the accounts you're concerned about to ensure we can resolve the issues.

When would be a good time to connect directly?


I've had similar issues



We have had the same experience for many months. When chatting with customer service, we never get satisfactory answers. Good luck.


We have had the experience with listing in the “syncing” state but never finalizing the sync.


The same problem for couple of months

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I just cancelled the service.

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Yes, when I brought this up it was explained "it just takes more time for it to sync" and I was like yeah but it's been six months.


I'm a new partner and just activated listing pro on my first account and was wondering why it was still saying syncing after one week... But some of you are saying it's still not after 6 months?! It'd probably be better to not display it at all than to display how it's not working! How do you even talk about that shortcoming with clients that pay for the service?