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Marketplace Pricing Guide


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Because of a recent promo, I was looking at the Local Online Business Toolkit. I have a Marketplace USD Pricing Guide dated March 2020 that lists the LOBT with Constant Contact included. According to the Recommended Packages in my store, There is now two versions of the LOBT, the Free version and a Pro version with a couple of items not available in the Free version. Neither one includes Constant Contact.

Is there a new Price Guide Available? If so, where do I find it?


I asked the same things.

They can access the 60-day free trial to Constant Contact from Business Center > My products


Hi Joseph,

Excellent question! I can understand why you're confused. Constant Contact is most certainly part of the LBOT. The disconnect is that in their current state, our recommended packages are unable to support trials, and the "express version" or "free version" of Constant Contact in the LBOT is a 60-day trial.

What other items are you finding that are not available in the (free/express) LBOT?

I hope that helps!

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I checked in "Manage Products", "Discover Products", and "Manage Store" and I cannot find a free trial version of Constant Contact anywhere. Do I need to add it to my store as a separate item? If so, where do I find it?