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Multi-Location Best Practice & Executive Report


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Is there any documentation that addresses multi-location best practice?

Specifically, if multiple locations use the same website and same ad accounts…this works fine when looking at one location.

However, when you look at the multi-location/brand report it aggregates impressions which in the case of two locations will effectively double the impressions on the muli-location report.

How should this be handled?


Hi Isaac - to answer your question about multiple locations linked to single ad or website accounts, right now, we recommend linking only one business account to the brand-level ad or website accounts, and disconnecting the others. But if you want to keep them all connected, you will run into this data-duplication issue, with the way Multi-Location currently works.

We've heard from other users that improvement is needed here – the ability to 'mark' certain data sources as 'brand-level', and not duplicate the data within a multi-location report. We have this on our roadmap!

We have some documentation available in the Business Center area of -

This is a good suggestion for additional strategic guides, we'll take that into future plans!

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Thank you very much @joshuabaker . Will check out the documentation and I am excited to hear about the plans that are in the pipeline.