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Need Tags To Segment Contacts


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It would be very helpful to have the option to use Tags to segment customers.

Currently, we can only use Lists for segmentation.

Tags would be a valuable option to have in my opinion.


Hi Daniel,

I'm Thiago Neres, Product Marketing Manager for our Channel Partners division.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Would you mind if I ask you to elaborate a bit more?

1. Why do you want to segment customers?
2. Can you give a few examples of how you could use this feature?
3. Are you talking specifically about the Manage Accounts page in Partner Center or other places of the platform?
4. Why is Lists not the best option for you?

If you prefer to talk, feel free to book some time with me to go over you feedback.

Either way, I'll make sure that your feedback is captured by our product teams 🙂


Hey Daniel... You can add tags to accounts. Under - General Information > Administration (tab)

Maybe that will help you.unless you mean user's.

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I meant users... (sorry!)