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New to Recommended Campaigns: LBOT Self Signup Workflows


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We’ve put together a workflow using Marketing Automation, Acquisition Widgets, and our new User Lists feature to help ensure you’re getting the right prospects access to the Local Business Online Toolkit suite of products. Interested in trying it out?

Learn more here.


Thank you for this - I am working with lists right now and about to do an import. I will make sure that I follow the steps that you shared.


I am trying to segment a list from a previous email series that went out - I downloaded a file (import_list_template) and populated the company, zip, email address. Since these accounts are already in the system - I dont want to create new accounts, I just want to have a new list so that I can send them a new campaign series.

I am coming up with lots of errors because I am not populating each row/column - is this the incorrect file to use?


<strong _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Errors occurred on the following rows:

<mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 2: (HealthCareProfessionalInformation_dateOfBirth) Must be of format: YYYY-MM-DD</mat-list-item><mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 2: (NA) Sample row provided.</mat-list-item><mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 100: (CompanyName) Must be supplied</mat-list-item><mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 101: (CompanyName) Must be supplied</mat-list-item><mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 102: (CompanyName) Must be supplied</mat-list-item><mat-list-item _ngcontent-qqv-c698="">Row 103: (CompanyName) Must be supplied
I know this system isnt an ESP where you can easily segment but I am hoping that we can get to a way to do this easier.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Hi Karen,

You can create a new list using User Lists. I think you uploaded Accounts List template which is causing these errors. With User Lists, you can simply add email addresses and upload the file to create a list.

Attaching the User List template's screenshot for your reference. Please follow the headers while uploading. For already created accounts, you can add First Name, Last Name, and Email ID to create a list.

Let us know if you have any questions!


So for this do customers still have to fill in business info like address and other fields here?

It would be nice if all they needed to enter was their name, email, and phone number.


For User List, all you need is an email address as a required field. It is exactly what you mentioned - you can add their name, email, and phone number and upload. But email address is the only mandatory field. This will help you easily create personalized and targeted lists.