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Payments Methods


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When will Vendasta payments be available in Africa or even PayPal payments?


Good question! I am wondering when Vendasta payments will allow us to do schedule subscriptions and things like that that Stripe allows you to do.


Hi, John! Great question!

The shopping cart is only limited if you don't set up Vendasta Payments, if you set it up you can sell to anybody anywhere in the world as long as they use credit cards we support.

We now support more countries with payouts as well, so if you're in a country that we support for payments, the shopping cart will have full functionality.

Here's a resource article outlining the details for you:


Hi, David

I'd love to clarify what you're asking here, because I believe our recurring subscriptions might be your solution. Here's a resource article talking about what we support:

If that's not what you're looking for, feel free to book a time to chat with me and we can try to figure this out for you, or at least I can hear what it is that you're hoping we could build!

My calendar link is