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Social Marketing Posting video to LinkedIn through Social Marketing


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We all know that video content is the way to go for all social platforms, including LinkedIn, so I am just wondering why Social Marketing does not/can not post video to the platform? It currently only allows Facebook, Twitter and IG, just wondering why that would be and if it is being worked on at the moment?




Hi Katie,

We understand that LinkedIn is an important network to post videos to. To gain access to this feature from LinkedIn, Social Marketing needs to be "whitelisted". Currently, we are awaiting approval of this status. Once we have been approved by LinkedIn we will be able to develop and build out this feature.


Great question @Katie Holmes . I have a client who primarily markets through LinkedIn and have the same concerns.

@Sophie Kokott : has LinkedIn provided an ETA on their approval process? And once approved, how long will it take for Vendasta to deploy this integration? I'm sure you need to do some testing prior to rollout. This is important to know so I can set realistic expectations for my client.