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Marketplace Product Activation that fit our way of working


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I'd like to make a request regarding product activations.

Can we please have all products renew on the same day and if a product is activated on any other day the cost is prorated?

This would help everyone immensely.

- This will help keep track of product activations.

- We'll always know when a renewal is coming up, and be able to plan ahead.

- It will make it easier for your customers to manage their budgets.

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I'll 2nd that motion. Great suggestion Heather.


I'll... 3rd? that motion. lol. This would also fall inline with a previous suggestion that the "description" charged to cards would somehow incorporate the account the charge belongs to. This would make assigning the charges in accounting software much easier.

Current work flow is switching back and forth between Vendasta billing and accounting software to assign charges to the proper account.


I am not a fan of the "Instant" Billing. There are so many transactions that it is really hard to keep up with. It would be better if it was daily billing (can't believe I am saying that either).

I understand why the did it that way....just not a fan.

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Hopefully, this is an item they already have on their log and can be rolled out soon

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I agree!!

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IB wouldn't be so bad if we could associate the accounts to the invoice and the accounts had the same recurring billing date for all product activations.


Hi Heather, Shawn, Neil and Jeff,

Thank you very much for your comments and for providing requests to our team about reconciling billing and providing additional payment options.

We here at Vendasta remain committed to listening to the feedback from our Channel Partners, and I would love the opportunity to hop on a call with you all to discuss how your current workflows can be improved upon in our upcoming releases.

This specific feedback is something we are currently investigating and specifically ties to just some of the initiatives we are currently working on.

Naturally, we need to also look at our ecosystem of Channel Partners to ensure that the product works well for businesses like yours and the entire community.

Please feel free to reach out to me and schedule a call, and we can go into greater depth into solutions that we can hopefully release for you soon!

Thank you once again to all who contributed to this thread for your suggestions and your continued partnership!

Roy Reif