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Listings [Solved] Updating Listings with errors or mismatching


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Hi, I just want to ask, I'd like to update one of our Listings with errors or mismatching of business info. How can I do it? I don't have access yet to make some changes. Just wondering how these works in Vendasta. Thank you in advance!


Hi Jestony,

You could activate a Listing Bundle which would allow you to submit your data to the Aggregators, as well as create and update listing information on a number of high traffic sources such as Facebook, Yelp, Alexa, Apple, and many more.


Hey @Jestony Pagayon in Reputation Management, based on the specific listing source you will also see an option for "Learn How To Edit" which gives you more information. I've included a screenshot but as Josh said, you can also leverage our technology solutions (Listing Sync Pro, Listing Distribution) or our Marketing Services team for Listing Claims as a fully managed service. I hope this helps

- Mel Scheidl

Partner Development Director