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Social Logins for client dashboard


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There has been an upward trend (and a positive one imho) to allow users to log into their saas accounts using a social account. For an example, i am able to log into about 75% of my online accounts using my Gsuite/Gmail account which is HUGELY convenient. I allow clients to log into their accounts on my site this way to view support tickets, view receipts, etc. If they were allowed to log in to their vendasta based dashboard this way as well, it would help to tie it directly in to my website and their other accounts with me.


Hi Roz – if you're talking about allowing clients to log into Business App using Gmail, that is currently supported. See the 'Sign in with Google' button on our login pages.

Pls let me know if this is what you were referring to? Thx!


Hi Josh, here is a screenshot example of what I mean. This is connected to a WordPress site but other saas sites use it too, I can log into my hosting account, my WordPress account, my Zoho account and several others all using my Google/Gsuite login and password. Its pretty sweet and very convenient. The trend to add this has been picking up speed over the past year.