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Social Marketing [Solved] Social Management In Multi-Location Business Center


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Is this anything that is in a current roadmap? Could see this working a number of ways.


Hello @Joshua_Blyth, as Aaron mentioned the functionality in Concierge should still be available, let us know if you are not able to access it for some reason.

We are working on making an improved version of this feature, as you rightly said this is something that will be useful to many partners.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for chiming in. We are currently researching and ideating Social Marketing for Multi-Location. While we don’t have a set date yet we realize how important this is for our partners/customers with multi-location businesses.


You used to be able to do this through concierge back in the day. You’ve obviously removed this, however as Jeff mentioned I can see this being very useful. We manage companies that have multiple brands, it would be great to be able to adjust or copy posts to post to every brand.


The functionality that existed in Concierge is still available. You have to goto the ‘old brands report’ to access it. But our team is working on improving this and integrating it within the new ML BC.


Yes @aleblanc I was able to access it from here. Still pretty primitive, however works for now. Thank you. @Sundari_Swami This would be great. I would love to see this get put into the brand options.