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Explaining the Vendasta Connection

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So- I have a consulting firm and recently partnered with Vendasta - loving it. Have a new client that was with Thryv and I am pulling them over to our team. Needless to say, Thryv isn't happy. During the initial transition call- all they could focus on was the name of my platform -which is under my company name. I kept steering the discussion away, but how do you explain the platform and affiliation? Love some feedback and ideas to better help me craft my message. k

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Hey Kristy,

I would love to learn more about this and maybe I can help. Pls email me to find some time to connect


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@GeorgeLeith will do George...appreciate the suspport. k

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@GeorgeLeith Hope you're well George, loving the podcast BTW. 😎 I'd love to learn how Kristy's question is answered when people ask.

Many thanks,