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Sales & Success Center What Do You Absolutely Need From Your CRM?

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Hey everyone, I'm doing some research on CRM pain points so we can make ours better for you! I'm finding that the #1 thing salespeople look for from their CRM is a reduction in manual data entry - logging emails, tracking phone calls, adding notes - the list goes on.
What primary problem do you look for your CRM to solve?

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Brady Lang
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As someone who's used cumbersome CRM's in previous jobs, using Vendasta's all-day for months on end has been a breath of fresh air. My top CRM need today would be reducing the amount of context switching within my workflows -- For example, let's look at my email workflow.

While the SSC Gmail Extension is an awesome addition in reducing the toil of keeping all of the client communication copied to our CRM, I find myself getting distracted by other things happening in Gmail, losing the tab I was working in, and/or losing my train of thought.

My dream email workflow would have a CRM that enables me to write custom emails from my own GSuite email within the CRM itself, without the distractions of Gmail (which are better managed in focused bursts) or losing the context of my account notes. This would help me focus and stay on task, while also empowering the workflow with the information we already have on file through Custom Fields or Referencing notes on file.

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The biggest thing I look for in a CRM is the ability to be able to have a user friendly app. This allows the entire sales team to enter notes much quicker and easier and you minimize having to remember the information to input into your CRM when you get to a computer.

Daniel Gallegly
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Sync with Outlook