Uncover the needs of your prospects with Snapshot Report

Conquer Local Academy is your home for everything you need to know about Vendasta.
Learn how to sell digital solutions to local businesses and master the tools to execute.
With over 50+ hours of learning, you’ll always discover something new.

Generate your free snapshot report

Enter your first name, your email address, and the name of a business you’d like to gather insights on. We’ll scan the business and send you the report in 24 hours.We’ll never contact your prospects or clients.

Take the Snapshot Ninja course

Learn about the Snapshot Report and explore each section of the report in granular detail, listen to sales talk tracks and perfect your pitch to prospects, positioning yourself as a Snapshot Ninja.


Try it yourself in the Vendasta platform

Jump into the Vendasta platform to add your first business account, and create customized insights on them with the Snapshot Report

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